What Makes Us Unique?




We have a doctor available at our medical facility on the premises, to conduct PDP (Professional Driving Permit) examinations and other medical conditions. The PDP certificate has to be renewed every two years, and the doctor also conducts an annual, follow-up examination.




Our wash bay operates 24 hours a day, keeping the fleet spotless. The insides of cabs, bins, trailers, the outside of the trucks, as well as the tarpaulins are cleaned. As a company that pursues sustainability, we make use of a water-recycling plant and harvest rainwater to operate the wash bay.



At our drivers’ overnight facilities, drivers get the chance to sleep in a comfortable bed, take a hot shower, and eat a home-cooked meal. We send our drivers back on the road feeling fresh and invigorated!





At Grain Carriers we believe in people and the power of learning. We provide an extensive one-year learning programme for approximately 20 inexperienced drivers. The course runs from March to February, during which time the candidates will receive their Advanced Driving Qualifications. Defensive Driving is part of this course.

The theoretical part of our course is presented by external skills development contractors. Our goal with this learning initiative is to have our candidates fully certified to facilitate, assess and moderate the course themselves, within two years of completing their training.

The practical part of our course will be presented by both Grain Carriers Driver Trainers and the contractor.

This Grain Carriers Initiative is sponsored by TETA (Transport Education and Training Authority) and UIF (Unemployment Insurance).





As a company pursuing Christian values, we have appointed evangelists who stay at the drivers’ overnight facilities and travel with the trucks.They work among the people at truck stops, pick-up and delivery points etc. to take the gospel to the people.





Grain Care, a non-profit charity organisation, was initiated by the shareholders.  During the year, special events are organised to raise money which is then distributed to several charity organisations.  The related companies also contribute a percentage of their profit to Grain Care.

The organisation manages and allocates the donations, be it money, funds or food, to a wide spectrum of projects, for example:

  • Children in need, (community-based child-care)
  • The disabled (those with physical and psychological disabilities)
  • Families in need
  • Needy schools and churches
  • Medical aid
  • The elderly
  • Homeless families
  • Christmas projects